Last updated: 20.01.2018

StopTheFakes is a decentralized service for detecting counterfeits and infringements of intellectual property rights.

These General Terms and Conditions (from now on Terms), including any and all accompanying documents (for instance, the Agreement on the sale of tokens). Constitute a legally binding agreement between you (User is any person using the Website, independently registered or authorized or not) and the Owner of the StopTheFakes.io Website (from now on referred to as Website, Service, Company, recorded by the StopTheFakes team in Belize and governed by its legislation).

We do not provide any licensed financial services, neither investment, nor fund management, nor the provision of investment advice. The agreement to sell tokens, as well as the STF tokens themselves, is not a public offering of shares or debentures and therefore does not qualify for securities or any issues.

The user must carefully consider These Terms before accessing Website, as well as its functions and Services. Users should carefully read these Terms, understand them and agree with them, before using Website and Services.

By accessing Website and Services, you agree to irrevocably and unconditionally accept these Terms.


  1. Acquisition, receipt or possession of tokens does not entail any rights, indirect or explicit, other than the right to use tokens within Service. You also express your consent and understanding that tokens do not represent, or do not give, absolutely any right to property / its share / security or equivalent special rights, including any rights to receive income shares, intellectual property rights or any other form participation in the company and interaction with it, in addition to the previously provided. Besides, tokens are not securities, or a type of collective investment, or another financial instrument.

  2. The user can access and use the provided Services only subject to the agreement and observance of all clauses of these Terms. The user is responsible for the awareness and acceptance of the established rules.

  3. By creating an account on Website, User guarantees compliance with the standards and laws of the country in which he resides or the state of which the customer uses the services.

  4. User ensures that he is 18 years old (or other age of majority determined by the laws of the country in whose jurisdiction you are) — he already has a legal right to accept these terms, legally competent to use Website and participate in transactions. At the same time, User guarantees that if he acts as a corporation, a governmental organization or other legal entity, he has a full legal right to do so.

  5. User understands and agrees that StopTheFakes may at any time, in its sole discretion, unilaterally modify these Terms by posting an updated version on Website, specifying the date of the latest revision.

  6. The user guarantees that he is not a citizen or resident of the United States of America, Belize, China, which are not allowed to participate in the purchase of STF tokens. User understands that by using Website and by buying tokens, he ensures that neither he nor any of the company whose interests he represents, is a citizen or the United States of America or Belize, China and didn’t have a primary residence or domicile in the United States (including Puerto -Rico, US Virgin Islands, and any other possessions of the United States).

  7. Should any User disagree with these Terms, its provisions, or a separate part, such User shall refrain from and not use Website, shall not purchase tokens and shall not use them in the future.

  8. These Terms and Conditions are valid when User starts using Website or tokens. Users can at any time refuse their obligations under Terms by terminating the use of Website.

  9. The company shall not disclose your personal information (including personal data, financial data, correspondence with the client, etc.) to other users of Website, except that which is publicly available and added to Website by User. At the same time, we have the exclusive right to transfer information to competent authorities and institutions, if required by law. User agrees that the privacy policy may include the exchange of information with third parties (companies, agents, government agencies, and lawyers).

  10. The company has the right, at its sole discretion, to determine that it is necessary to obtain certain information about you following applicable laws or regulations in connection with the sale of tokens. You agree to provide the required information promptly upon request and acknowledge the company’s right to refuse to sell tokens or use Website, as well as the services provided on it until the required information from/in.

  11. Despite the security measures undertaken by Company, the data are vulnerable to attacks and hacking, and therefore Company does not give any guarantee of preventing illegal activities regarding access to private user information. However, everything possible shall be done to avoid illegal actions.

  12. All data contained on Website directly belong to Company, are intellectual property and are subject to copyright protection. The content can not be changed, published or transmitted without the official permission of Company and links to Website.

  13. The contents of this Website, including: logos, text, graphics, images, button icons, sound clips, additions, collected data or any other copyright works, either privately or as they appear on Website («content»), and the software used are the property of company or third parties and are protected by copyright and related laws of the state. The content includes both materials owned or controlled by Company, and materials owned or controlled by third parties and licensed to it, including user content. Any use of the content is a violation of this agreement, violates copyright and other terms. You agree to comply with all intellectual property rights provisions, information or restrictions contained in any document or additional materials.

  14. Deviation from this policy is considered a violation of intellectual property rights and may entail criminal and civil penalties.

  15. The user bears sole responsibility for the safety of his login and password, both from the account and from the wallets used by him, on which the purchased tokens are stored. The company is not liable for any losses arising from the loss of account data.

  16. The user undertakes to provide Company with only genuine information about himself. If the data sent by User is invalid or counterfeit, he can become a participant in the investigation and be treated as a suspect in fraudulent activity. Thus, User authorizes Company to request the necessary data regarding the accuracy of the information provided.

  17. The user creates the account on Website on his own and uses it to purchase STF tokens. After registration, User goes to Account, which shows the wallet numbers for the acquisition of tokens for ETH and BTC. Wallets used to buy tokens are visible to Users only at the time of sale of tokens, namely in the period of Pre-Sale and/or TokenSale. Only registered users have the right to purchase tokens.

  18. The user can register only one account registered for personal use on Website. It is forbidden to create additional accounts, non-compliance with this clause will entail the blocking of the account and services will not be provided to you anymore.

  19. A conscientious User guarantees independence from other people’s data and undertakes not to use other’s accounts for making transactions.

  20. STF tokens are cryptographic tokens, which are digital software products, and not cryptocurrencies, created by Website Owner as proof of the limited right to use StopTheFakes.

  21. STF tokens are not securities, are not registered in any state institution as security and cant and shall not be considered as such.

  22. STF tokens are not intended for a commodity or any other financial instrument, do not represent a share, share or collateral, or equal rights, including but not limited to any right to receive future revenue shares and intellectual property rights and do not represent ownership.

  23. Website Services are available only to registered Users.

  24. Contrary to any circumstances, Company is not responsible for the execution / non-execution of orders.

  25. The company is not responsible for any loss of data or facilities caused by a system failure due to an error in the software/hardware, configuration, network, etc.

  26. Furthermore, Company reserves the right to pull back any transactions or User actions that occurred due to a system failure.

  27. Company and its affiliates are not liable for any losses or damages incurred by Users as a result of their misuse of Website and/or their inability to understand its structure and operating principles. There are no guarantees about the cost of tokens.

  28. Company reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account at any time if such actions are required by law or under the requirements of the relevant government agency to prevent the occurrence of financial crimes.

  29. The use of the account for any unlawful purpose is strictly prohibited. The company will report any suspicious actions to the relevant law enforcement agencies.

  30. User guarantees that he will not use the account for criminal activity money laundering, terrorist financing, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, human trafficking, promotion and/or marketing of any illegal goods or services, including but not limited to violent, obscene, erotic or pornographic content; marketing and / or promotion of services that violate copyrights, property and/or rights of any person or organization; drugs or hallucinogens; weapons; explosive materials; illegal gambling services; pyramids or any other «fast» scheme; protected animals or protected plants, etc.).

  31. The user is personally responsible for keeping his account data (password, e-mail address, wallet address, balance, etc.) from third parties or outside organizations. Any attempts to obtain a password must be reported to the Company.

  32. Should User have concerns about the security of his account, for example, loss or stealth of login data, attempts of unauthorized access, it is recommended to change the password and contact the support service immediately. However, Company is not liable in case of violation of safety rules.

  33. Any claim or dispute arising from/in connection with the actual terms of the contract or its subject (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed and interpreted per state laws.

  34. Any dispute/claim arising out of/in connection with these Terms and Conditions or their subject matter (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be submitted to arbitration and finally settled there under the International Arbitration Center (in compliance with the rules of administrative arbitration ).

  35. Should any part of Terms be declared invalid, this will not affect the validity and legality of the remaining parts of Agreement.

  36. User shall indemnify WebSite Owner and its affiliates against the losses incurred by any third party against Website Owner resulting from your breach of any warranties, representations or obligations under this Agreement.

  37. The user can close his account at any time by contacting the support service. Besides, User confirms the right of Company to terminate the cooperation and denial of access to Services at its discretion and without notice.

  38. Closing the account occurs in cases when User’s activity violates the law, the terms of Agreement and violates the intellectual property rights of Company or third parties.Causes:

    • attempts to access Website and services in an unauthorized manner/help others with unauthorized access;

    • violation of software security functions;

    • use of the account for any unlawful actions (for example, money laundering, illegal gambling, terrorism, etc.);

    • any violation of conditions;

    • abuse or threat to other users/company personnel;

    • at the request of a law enforcement or government agency.

  39. The company has the right to take any necessary technical/legal measures to prevent User from accessing Website should he be suspected of abuse of intellectual property and violation of conditions.

  40. Even if a partial or complete sale of tokens is achieved, development may be terminated owing to the impossibility of its implementation for lack of funds. It can also lead to Users’ not being able to participate in any proposed or implied projects. By holding tokens, User acknowledges, understands and agrees that despite all efforts to develop and launch StopTheFakes, it is possible that it will never be implemented for the above reasons.

  41. User refuses to present claims and requirements to Company, in one form or another, for the above measures.

  42. You shall guarantee the observance of laws, restrictions, and regulations governed by a government agency competent in this matter, imposing economic sanctions, as well as imposing trade embargoes against certain countries of legal entities. You mean and guarantee that you are not subject to restriction or otherwise subject to any law on economic sanctions, agree to comply with and follow all rules on economic sanctions without limiting or violating the paradigm of the preceding, undertake to comply with Terms of Contract, taking into account economic barriers.

  43. The user undertakes to pay all taxes levied for the use of Services and the purchase/use of the tokens regarding his current residence. Should the taxpayer not fulfill his obligations, Company shall not be responsible for the retention, collection, tax reporting of the purchase of tokens.

  44. Company reserves the right to inform Users of any means of communication, for example, through the provided contact information. The very fact of the provision already means that User agrees to receive notices in electronic form.

  45. The company does not provide any financial or legal advice, is not responsible for any risks or damages associated with User’s decision to use Website.

  46. We do not approve or guarantee that tokens are reliable, up-to-date or meet your requirements.

  47. We can not ensure that the tokens or the delivery mechanism do not contain viruses or other harmful components.

  48. The user

  49. The provisions concerning the preservation of personal information and precautionary measures are exhaustive to protect your rights and from monetary damages to Company arising from the current Terms of Contract.

  50. The user

  51. Company and its other parties are fully exempted from the liability/claims/costs/expenses/losses (both actual and indirect) of any kind, known and unknown (including, but not limited to, provisions about inattention) arising from disputes between participants of the exchange or arising in connection with these actions or inaction of third parties. User categorically and finally renounces his rights, which can be considered as any general rules limiting the provisions of the agreement to provisions that can be regarded as valid and will be in your favor at the time of understanding with Terms.

  52. User acknowledges and agrees that Company is not liable to User for any risks, losses or damages caused by changes to these Terms.

  53. A website may contain links to third-party Internet resources that are not owned or controlled by Company. This Website does not censor and/or modify the content of third-party Web sites. User exempts Company from liability for any third-party Web sites.

  54. Having at your disposal, buying and using tokens, you acknowledge and agree with the possibility of the existence of the following risks:- Inability to access tokens due to loss of access to the private cabinet

    All errors or malfunctions from which you are not insured in any way can lead to irreversible consequences, due to which the loss of funds transferred or otherwise connected with the Internet wallet or depository in which you prefer and store the tokens is likely. In any case, personal failure to accurately monitor or safely use such a digital wallet or storage can also lead to the loss of your tokens.

    As the inability to verify the accuracy of the procedures established for the purchase and receipt of tokens (including, for example, incorrect receipt of the receipt or an address that is not compatible with ERC-20) can lead to their loss.

    — Risk of breaking and insecurity

    Hackers or other malicious groups can conduct malicious attacks.

    — Risk of uninsured losses

    Since the tokens are not insured, should you deliberately not receive private insurance, there is no state insurer or private insurance that can restore the lost in the event of their loss or depreciation.

    — Risks associated with uncertain rules

    The status of token management is not defined in many jurisdictions. Furthermore, regulatory actions may adversely affect Website and its contents, and the ability to use cryptocurrency.

    — Risks arising in taxation

    Tax characterization of the tokens is unclear, so you should pay attention to the taxation system used in your region

    — Risks associated with the development of the market and its opportunities

    The website is still under development and, with time, can undergo significant changes correcting the system’s operation and its coherence. We intend to take commercially reasonable steps in this direction and may have to make shifts in the specification of tokens or the services market for many reasons.

  55. All information and conditions provided in the current Provisions are directed against concealment, exclusion or restriction of any liability for fraud and criminal fraud. The inability of our Company to comply with or ensure compliance with each of the Rights and Provisions of the approved Conditions will not be regarded as a waiver of such right or opportunity. Buying tokens do not become an opportunity for us to take any form of partnership, joint management or any other similar relationship between us. You agree and acknowledge that all the prior agreements, notices and other communications we transmit to you, including these Terms, will be provided electronically.