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Take a picture, video or screenshot of the Infringement and get rewarded!


«…drug cartels in South America are starting to move towards the counterfeiting of consumer products because it is more lucrative, and there is no need for bribes or fast boats or planes»

Hans Schwab, The Economist

Wall Street Journal

The Motion Picture Association of America previously reported that the US film industry is $58 billion short each year due to copyright piracy



According to the World Health Organization, up to 60% of pharmaceutical drugs are counterfeit. The counterfeit pharmaceutical industry is estimated at $200 billion a year



According to the ICC report, piracy and counterfeit-induced losses will keep growing globally amounting to $2.81 trillion by 2022



We’ve created a user-friendly and affordable Blockchain service for everyone to trace and record cases of illegal use of logos, trademarks or any other intellectual property and to take immediate action to redress the infraction!


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  • img June 2016 The Idea of the StopTheFakes Project

  • img September 2016 Service concept formation

  • img December 2016 Copyright protection analysis

  • img April 2017 Building token sale and blockchain development team

  • img May 2017 Negotiating on the service use terms with potential applicants

  • img July 2017 Development of the ERC-20-based token sales official website

  • img September 2017 Launching token distribution website

  • img November 2017 Community development, involving experts, spreading the idea

  • img December 2017 Launching service prototype

  • img January 2018 Launching mobile app prototype

  • img January 2018 Token sales promotion stage

  • img February 2018 Alpha v.0.1 service release, its testing and debugging

  • img March 2018 Main stage of token sale

  • img March 2018 Main development stage

  • img April 2018 Submitting token to the stock exchange listing. Initiating bidding

  • img April 2018 Launching Android app available for download

  • img July 2018 Launching Google Chrome and Opera extensions

  • img July 2018 Security audit. Vulnerability scanning

  • img August 2018 Service launch; hitting first 5,000 copyright violation detections

  • img October 2018 Launching IOS app available for download

  • img October 2018 Engaging in close collaboration with major producers. Agreement signing

  • img December 2018 Reaching user count of 850 000 and a total of 40,000 breaches detected

  • img June 2019 Big Data implementation. Expanding the range of services for Applicants

  • img August 2019 Аudience building. A total of 400,000 copyright infringements detected



Mikhail Krzhanovsky

- Chief Executive Officer

Mikhail co-authored the project idea. Being a natural team-builder, he provides general guidance for the team and always comes up with some new ideas. Mikhail has a four-year legal experience in copyright protection. He worked in information security for four years and supervised a franchise project for another three years (18 facilities in the CIS). He sold his share in the franchise business and is currently investing in various online projects. Mikhail has two university degrees.

« conservative estimates, counterfeit market capitalization is worth one trillion dollars. That's the money lost by copyright holders. We must return this money to where it belongs...»


Igor Salikov

- Chief Operating Officer

Igor is the co-author of the project idea and is in charge of the ongoing operations. For over a decade he has been working on the problem of counterfeit beauty products in EU countries. He has 12 year experience in photography and video production and two year experience in virtual reality business. Many studios seek his expertise as a photographer and artist regarding video filming and the production of commercials and auteur movies.

«...If you want to fight counterfeiting, you’ll need hands, you'll need a whole bunch of people collecting data. Ten people who actually work out there are doing more good than one well-paid lawyer who never leaves his office...»


Aleksandr Suvorov

- Chief Business Development Officer

Aleksandr devises the basic strategy and is in charge of investor services. He successfully obtained an MBA degree. In 2009, Aleksandr founded a consulting company Suvorov Business. He also started some projects designed to encourage micro investing into small business and potentially highly lucrative ambitious projects.

«...Investing in Blockchain means investing in your future. The age of oil is now facing its fall. Financiers need something to sell, and a cryptocurrency is a great option...»


Dmitry Kostachev

- Chief Technology Officer

Dmitry is in charge of technological processes in our team. For 23 years, he held top position in IT sphere and was actively involved in creating telecommunication networks in Moscow. He also worked as Information Technology Adviser to Director General of TsAGI, or the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute, in Moscow. Under Dmitri's direction there have emerged and grown companies, which later on would form a nucleus of Rostelekom. He holds a Ph.D. in Technical Sciences.

«...Those who shoot for the skies trying to make a difference in this world are the ones who succeed globally...»


Aleksey Zhunin

- Lead Backend and Blockchain Developer

Aleksey supervises Blockchain development and implementation. An active participant in Blockchain Hackathons, he has five years' experience in IT development and three years' experience in Blockchain. He was involved in developing backend solutions for Sberbank when serving as Chief Engineer at SberTech, a Russian joint-stock company. Aleksey also worked on controlling Vneshekonombank’s Blockchain-based supply chain.

«...Working with Blockchain is like traveling to an unexplored country in search of things that make people happy. Don’t be afraid of pursuing your dreams to inspire your teammates...»


Olga Belyakova

- Chief Marketing Officer

Olga handles the Company’s public relations; among other things, she prepares press releases and presentations. She has twelve years' experience in PR and public communication, as well as in organizing conferences and other major events. For the past 7 years, Olga has been working with some young and rising EU companies, including those in Czech Republic. She holds a degree from the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

«...Developers created the Blockchain technology that could change the world and market managers transformed Bitcoin into a modern trend. Their joint efforts resulted in the emergence of a multi-billion cryptocurrency market...»


Maria Dvoryanchikova

- Chief Communications Officer

Maria also manages the Company’s PR activity, and she prepares press releases and presentations too. She has three-year experience in public communication and event organizing. Maria served as PR manager for ŠKODA AUTO a.s. in Czech Republic. She obtained a degree from Metropolitan University (Prague).

«...Our goal is more than just to introduce Blockchain technology to people. We want to get across its basic idea and make them feel like true agents of change in the decentralized process, not just mere observers...»


Maksim Kononenko

- Social Media Community Manager

Maksim is responsible for communication in social networks and other media. He has 5 years’ experience in copywriting and spent 9 years in IT. He owns a SMM studio. In the past, Maksim was in gambling business, journalism and freelance copywriting. He holds a diploma in SEO & SMM from "ITSTEP" Computer Academy.

«...Effective copyright protection is the best incentive in any creative profession...»


Roman Rulkov

- Front-end developer

He is a leading front-end developer on the team. Although young, Roman is highly experienced and has proven to be quite a talented programmer. His fresh perspective and creative ideas help the project to find shortcuts and resolve the hardest of problems. He works with Vue and Node.js, the most iconic technologies in the blockchain sphere.

"…The last decade shows that it's programmers who stand up to pirates and not law-enforcement agencies. They've developed DRM, disk protection and stream encoding. I strongly believe that programmers are going to have the upper hand…"


Roman Kapralov

= Full-stack Developer

Roman is responsible for technical side of the project in the team. He has over 10 years of working experience as a software developer. He is a self-taught specialist who started off as a programmer's assistant and managed to secure a top position in the development department of the same company in a matter of just three years. He applies out-of-the-box thinking in everything he does: from organizing business processes to developing app interfaces. He is well-versed in all the technologies applied in the project including PHP, jQuery, Ajax, Mysql, Nosql, Redis, Memcached, Ratchet, Zmq.

"…Software development is much like building with bricks. Everyone has the same bricks and mortar, yet, some of us end up creating the Hermitage and Notre Dame, аnd others − nothing but boring standard apartment buildings…"


Eugene Savochkin

- Web application developer

Eugene develops web apps in the team. He has over 7 years of experience in developing IT products. His career started at TechNano company where he сlimbed his way up to the head of new projects department office in just two years. He took part in creating online-based shops, booking services and other difficult projects. He often participates in seminars and conferences on new architectures. Eugene is particularly interested in rare programming languages such as COBOL, ALGOL, М4, Smalltalk.

"…A programmer's work is much like that of a composer or an architect. You need to come up with a agreeable, harmonious structure that functions as an integrated system. That's like creating Symphony No. 9 or Milan Cathedral…"


Aleksei Мarkov

= Database developer

He develops software designed for processing BigData and databases. During his 9-year career in IT industry he changed several web studios and had some experience in managing large teams. He took part in creating over 200 sites dealing with all sorts of topics and fields. Aleksei advocates for open source architecture projects and applying open source solutions.

"…Mark my words − in less than ten years the whole state management system will be based on BigData algorithms. It's not politicians who will compete in election campaigns but rather programming teams…"



Reuben Godfrey

He advises the team on ICO organization, global positioning and PR. Reuben is one of the most experienced experts in blockchain-based projects, he also took part in some successful token sales including SONM, Playkey, and LAToken. He has been into sales in the past and helped develop big multinational corporations such as Dell. He is a cofounder of Blockchain Association of Ireland, a member of Irish Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia and an ambassador of GDPR Awareness Coalition.

"...Young companies who launch ICO today are big multinational companies of tomorrow. But they do need a little push at the start just to get things going for them, this way they can achieve unprecedented success in the future...".


Mikhail Gorshkov

Mikhail advises the team on how to develop company's communications with the general public. He is one of the pioneers of collective consciousness sociology. He has been a full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences since 2011. He is the Director of the Federal Sociological Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Mikhail is the winner of the Russian State Prize in science and technology.

«...Piracy and counterfeiting are both economic and social issues. If we are to fight them, we must bring people together....»


Ismael Arribas

Ismael consults the team on blockchain and carries out liaison with governmental bodies. He is in charge of Spanish division of international Government Blockchain Association (GBA) and local office of FasterCapital startup incubator. Ismael owns a blockchain-based business and is an expert at Spanish Association. He has over 11 years of experience in Compliance for high-tech startups.

"…In a matter of one year StopTheFakes will set an example of how one should create popular blockchain and smart contract-based products for a big business…"


Alexander Nekipelov

He is our team's economic advisor. He is an expert in the field of the theory of economic system operation and management, a RAN academician and the expert committee Chairman of the Russian Council of School Olympiads in economics and management. Prior to this, he was in charge of the NK Rosneft PAO's executive board and held a position of the Russian Academy of Sciences vice-president.

«...It's the common people who build a new economy, be it "digital", "information-based" or called otherwise...»


Igor Slabykh

Igor advises the team on computer piracy-related legal issues. He has 15 years' experience in copyright protection. He worked for a number of companies, including Adobe Systems, 1C, Ergo and Solo. At present, he heads a law firm, IPR Consulting (Virginia, USA) He holds a Master of Laws from the George Washington University (Washtington, D.C., USA).

«...This is what drives our constant need for self-improvement and ever-going search for the new ways and approaches...»


Elia Planas Gabriel

Elia сonsults the team on development aspects dealing with blockchain and smart contracts. She holds concurrently positions of blockchain expert at the Spanish Association for Standardization (UNE Asociación Española de Normalización) and international affairs lawyer. She has a 2 year experience in cryptocurrencies and three degrees − from two universities and a business school.

"…EU is now developing and implementing ISO standards in the sphere of blockchain technology. StopTheFakes project represents a perfect mix of business idea, modern technology and social responsibility…"


Vladimir Sokolov

Vladimir advises the team on the efficiency of social technologies. He is a proud holder of a Ph.D. in Philosophy, a Professor and an Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation. He is one of the top specialists in the field of modern Sociology of Ethics. He drafted Ethics Code for Public Officers of the Russian Federation. Vladimir is fully committed to tackling moral issues in the field of public administration and personnel policy.

«...Dealing with piracy presents a number of ethical problems affecting both individuals and society as a whole...»


Yevgenii Okhotskii

Yevgenii provides legal advice on anti-counterfeiting. He has a Ph.D. in Sociology. He is a Professor at the Department of Public Administration and Law of Moscow State Institute of International Relations and a 2-class Counsellor in the Diplomatic Service. Yevgenii authored numerous academic works, including a monograph on government administration problems.

«...The counterfeits market knows no bounds, that's why fighting it globally is a must....»


Andrey Zolin

Andrey provides expertise in Blockchain technology and smart contracts. He has 3 years’ experience in research and 5 years’ experience in IT. He developed backend solutions for Russia’s Sberbank, worked with Blockchain and smart contracts and helped to establish relations with the Ethereum network.

«...Nobody has used Blockchain or smart contracts to fight piracy so far. Our challenge is all the more exciting for that...»